About Microcomputer what are Microcomputer's?

 What are microcomputers?

Microcomputer (microcomputers) are computers that are more compact than mainframes and mini computers and can be operated by a single person. The term is now usually associated with the first wave of the 8-bit home- and office computers.

Understood in a narrower definition including a particular class of performance computers that are less were powerful than mainframes and mini computers and had only a single microprocessor as central processing unit. Millions of times, they were used as a home and office computer. The equipment was tailored to the needs of these applications.
The term workstation called versatile microcomputers that were usually easier to maintain, more reliable, and more powerful than other microcomputer. They were used mainly in the technical scientific area and were usually permanently integrated into a network.
In everyday speech, the use of the term microcomputer has significantly decreased since the 1980s and is hardly common, although a growing circle of modern microprocessor-controlled devices corresponds to the definition of a microcomputer. He has been replaced in table devices largely by the term personal computer (PC). In other designs, such as embedded systems, which are now characterized by a higher degree of integration for the components and a similarly compact design, the original term but retains its validity.

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