Google is a search engine of us company Google Inc. matching statistics on global search queries Google as the market leader in the Internet search engines. The precursor to BackRub started in 1996, the search engine under the name Google is online since September 1998. Since its surface has changed only slightly. Due to the success of the search engine in combination with context-sensitive advertising from the AdSense program the company Google Inc. could finance a number of other software solutions, which can be reached via the Google page. The search is however still the core business unit of Google. At times, the competitor Yahoo for a fee used the databases of Google for your own search.

 Indexing of Web pages 

The Google search engine follows the links found with the help of Web crawlers and so trying to record as many published pages in their search index. To the extent of that database see index size. While the pages are broken down into keywords and keywords.

Sorting of search results 

Google aims to provide the users with the search results sorted by relevance. The sorting algorithm of search results is based on a patented process that calculates the so-called PageRank value. This represents the link popularity, that is, it specifies how well and by whom a document is linked.

In addition to the PageRank are additional factors in the order included, so for example the occurrence of search terms in the document title or in headings is considered. In addition, the use of the terms as anchor text referencing documents plays a major role. The latter will be misused in the event Google bombs. Google indicates to incorporate more than 200 factors in the calculation. Google continuously adjusts its algorithms, to respond to new trends.

But at the same time carried out search with the same search term does not lead to the same order of the results on Google. So Google includes also the location of the user and the language selected by him in the collation. Also be more and more personalized search results. In the so-called Web history, Google stores and others carried out searches and the sites he visited. Thus it will provide more relevant results for each user, in which it assumes that about someone who cares for the sport of golf and related terms in the past rather again thinks the sport in a search for "Golf" and not about the car Volkswagen Golf.

The weekly newspaper Die Zeit criticized in June 2011: "When we search with Google or read news on Facebook, the network adapts imperceptibly our preferences." "What means this narrowing of the world?"

The exact function of the result collation is Google's trade secrets. Hence, Google would like to prevent that not relevant pages are presented by manipulation of the provider unreasonably high in the results. These providers to apply methods of search engine optimization. Such optimization is desirable to a certain extent by Google around the page for Google's algorithms to make more understandable. For example, text can be not recognized when he included in the website was involved only in a graphic, Google.

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