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An online game (English "browser-based game" or "browser game") is a computer game that uses a Web browser as the user interface. The calculation of gameplay can be done here either fully or in part on the local machine or but also the servers of the game provider. Accordingly, it differentiated between client-side browser, where the logic is downloaded and runs in the browser environment, and server-side browser with the current server-side logic. Client-side browser based games required for their performance in the browser of for a long time usually so-called plug-ins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java, which is why here often accordingly of Flash games (English "flashgames"), Java games is (English "javagames") or General plugin games. With the introduction of Web standards HTML5 and the emergence of compatible browser, a growing number of browser of any module is more dependent on. The platform used to implement consists in an online game usually mainly of common Web technologies, so that the most browser based games are free of charge. Some providers charge a fee but for advanced game features as well as support.

Client-side browser games

Except for some few exceptions it is the most browser which predominantly use the plugins Flash, Shockwave, or Java, so-called client-side browser games. This can be performed in contrast to the server-side browser even without a connection to a server or without a connection to the Internet without restrictions on the local machine via a browser and the corresponding plugin.


Flash games
Flash games have, because she programmed with the software Adobe Flash to be mostly about the file extension. swf. The first Flash games were developed in 1999 with the release of version 4 of the aforementioned software. The most Flash games are programmed from private persons or programmer group. In the course of the last years have settled but also numerous companies and further promoted the development of Flash games. Due to the high number of Flash games, more and more sites specialize in pure offering collections of Flash games. The largest collections of Flash games offer currently Flash games in this context about 11,000, the number of available Flash games total amounts but certainly far higher. Fundamentally there are Flash games for all popular gaming genres, special importance but to the so-called defend games in the wake of the Flash games. As one of the first games of this genre, the game defend is your Castle which by XGen Studios was released in 2003 and now in addition to some other games as a WiiWare version is available because of his celebrity.

HTML5 games
After the development of the latest generation of the HTML standard has reached a very mature stage and the more popular Web browsers already support large parts of the specification, come on slow HTML5 games. While the keyword HTML5 games has become already largely, although it is not correct in the strict sense. It is only some new elements of the HTML5 specification, that games directly in your browser can be drawn and no plug-ins such as Adobe Flash are required. The most important innovation represents the canvas element. This element allows you to draw on a 2D-Leinwand directly in the browser. So animation and games can create in combination with a language such as JavaScript. Continue in the design of the games also cascading style sheets used. Another technique that is used in HTML5 games is WebGL that allows hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the browser can be represented. Thus, it is even possible full-fledged 3D first person shooter without realize plugins. Therefore be under the slogan of HTML5 games in fact United games to create several techniques. As well, a browser for HTML5 games is suitable, so depends on several factors.
The biggest advantage of the HTML5 games in contrast to games based on Flash is that they require no plugin. Because plugins can compromise the security of the whole system and are not always for all operating systems available this is a decisive advantage. Since HTML5 games not on a plugin, but only on the support provided by the browser, can these games also on platforms such as the iPhone or Inc. played, for which no Flash plug-in exists. As another argument is stated often that HTML5 games are resource efficient as Flash games. This is however dependent on the implementation of the plugin, the JavaScript engine, and many other factors. Therefore, this statement not as a universal can be viewed.
To facilitate the development of HTML5 games, there are already some frameworks that support the programmer. Some notable frameworks are LimeJS, Processing.js, Akihabara and the rocket engine. All is JavaScript frameworks that provide more complex animations, the handling of user input, and other capabilities. It is currently impossible to predict whether one of this framework in its distribution will stand out from others.
The HTML5 games is similar to diverse as to Flash games. Almost every genre is represented, even if the offer is significantly behind the Flash games games. With regard to the design and the functionality of the games, HTML5 games with Flash games are already similar, if there are only a few high-quality HTML5 games. There are also some portals that provide collections of games known as Flash games. In addition to some portals from the United States, there are two large German webpage, which offer HTML5 games collections.

Server-side browser based games

A key feature of server-side browser is the large number of players who can participate in a game at the same time. The number can range up to several hundred thousand from few hundred (see massive multiplayer online game). For example a LAMP solution is used on the server side. Unlike platforms such as DirectX or the development environments of game consoles these techniques for applications with continuous, fast user interaction and real time graphics are rather inappropriate. Therefore the most server-side browser based games are the genres of strategy map simulation or game mainly, many are also also round based.
In the meantime, there are an almost endless number of different browser on the market, which are different in similar game mechanics primarily in their subject. Examples include sports simulators, economic building games with locations in space or middle ages and also board games and card games have been already implemented as a browser based games.


Forum games
The Forum games that are played through the browser using a forum (in the threaded style) are a subspecies of the games. These are mostly strategy or role-playing games. Most successful and was one of the first professional games such age keys. There are also small variants, such as about images rates or the skilled making Word chains or simple counting. Forum games are usually started to promote the activity of a forum. Usually the rapidly increasing post count that is possibly coupled with a better forum rank is motivating for the user.

Chat games
Chat games are real time games, which run through a chat and played often in the browser. Generally, only the usual chat features are used to play. A known variant is the search of one or more "murderers" questions only with Yes or no should be answered. Also exist including quiz events, which are moderated either by a human master or a utility.

A great online community has formed around the most browser based games and many players organize themselves in so-called clans or alliances. Once this is done on the infrastructure provided by the browser. This is the case where such features are already integrated into the games and you must organize about diplomatic relations or with other players can chat but above all for the strategy titles. Increasingly the player outside of actual Browsergame organize themselves, so many clans or alliances have also a website on the net, then refer to the players. The player with each other communication takes place usually in free or created on their own servers forums. In addition, various Instant Messenger as well as Internet telephony be used timely actions to plan and carry out.
History and origin
The first game of this type was the developed in Hamburg, German- and English-language SOL, which was launched in October 1995. "Father" of the modern games may well be the English-language Planetarion by the project group fifth season AS, based in Oslo, which started in 2000 and in the course of time reached more than 175,000 players in a game of each. After when Planetarion, fee-based accounts were introduced, many players searched for a new home and found in Galaxywars, which also was able to unite more than 100,000 players on his best day. Lacked but a professional management, which is why many players still drove projects. Commonly, this has led to a strong diversification in the German online game market and dozens, created at that time are still successful.

Current development
A development of additional computer game genres is currently watching: through the use of technologies such as AJAX, Flash and Java are increasingly real time strategy games, racing games, or action-oriented games with complicated graphics realized and offered. More and more of the Browserspielmarkt is opened up professionally, the differences in quality to traditional computer games with network option are low.

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