Xbox Live celebrates its tenth birthday and anniversary, there are not only interesting discounts in the marketplace, there are some interesting numbers to report. Marc Whitten released an open letter to the community.

 With regard to the ten-year anniversary of Xbox Live, turned Marc Whitten in an open letter to the community and thanked her for the longstanding loyalty. But at the same time, Xbox Live users that there are now published also a number of interesting numbers, such as for example the 40 million. An incredible record was broken also 4 during the launch week of Halo, where all XBL user collectively on 442 million hours of play brought it, which is more than ever before.

The "Veterans" among you can sure still remember how it started everything Xbox Live. Menu unusual for that time of the old Xbox with the. Or remember you still on the Xbox Live Arcade disc or how the voice with the headset now has developed? Marc Whitten arrives on all of this and much more in his open letter, which you can find right here.

As we reported earlier today, celebrated the anniversary with a series of specials on the XBL marketplace, which you will get with this link here.