Today, we deliver you even the full Pack Xbox 720-rumors, which should stop just on the name "Xbox". There are supposedly 8 GB RAM and Kinect 2.0.

After there was already a whole load of PS4 rumors, draws the Xbox 720. This time the Xbox World, which has brought together some alleged info about the new console from Microsoft is the info from the current issue. Already in January 2012, the magazine revealed the plans for augmented reality, directional sound, Kinect support for four players and finger tracking for Kinect. It was later mentioned in an apparently a document. The Xbox 720 to according to Xbox World are just Xbox and kinect 2.0 therefore.

Otherwise, an innovative controller, a Blu-ray drive, directional audio, TV output and input are mentioned. This controller will look like remains questionable. Is there to announce even a small screen? Later, still AR glasses to cause. Current dev kits of the console (Durango) should have four hardware cores, each of which has again four logical cores. RAM is also the speech of 8 GB. As always it is just rumors. The article can be found at CVG.