What are browser at all? Here you can find further information about browser games, what they are and why they fascinate so many...
The term browser game comes from the English and so much can be translated with the online game. The term browser game is in use but also in German. And from this word, this can be 'What' derived: A browser game is a video game that uses a Web browser as the user interface. To be able to play an online game so you need a Web browser. These include the well-known Web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera but also Apple's Safari.
Who would like to differentiate which can split the browser games in two divisions. In the client-side browser, and on the other hand in the server-side browser games. While client-side browser games require some special techniques E.g. plug-ins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java, server-side browser without additional technologies directly in the browser to play. There now follows a detailed explanation of the two types of online game:

 Client-side browser games
Most of the plugins the client-side browser need Flash, Shockwave, or Java. However is, as the name implies, the game on the client, so the own computer running. Thus, a permanent Internet connection is not necessary.
A variant of the client-side browser would be the already mentioned Flash game.
Server-side browser games
When the server-side browser games, a communication with the server is essential. At the same time, depending on the resources of the server, several thousands of players can participate in the game. For example a LAMP solution is used on the server side. LAMP stands for: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python. This program combination defines an infrastructure within which 'dynamic' Web pages and applications can be developed in terms of a software distribution.
You hear the word online game then you think just addictive and well thought-out economic simulations or but also board games and card games. A browser can be much simpler. Examples of server-side browser games are: Forum games or chat games. This is especially the direct communication with the other participants in the foreground. A graphical framework does not have these games.