ZeniMax online to the Elder Scrolls online a Q & A published, in which the player is entered on some interesting questions.

ZeniMax online is currently working on the MMORPG the Elder Scrolls online, which appear for the PC and Mac, but only in 2013. So that players not far behind with too many questions, published the first part of a Q & as. And so it was asked for example whether the PvE areas of the various political groups will each offer their own quests. The answer:

"Each Alliance (and each territory) has totally unique quests and storylines based on the respective local conditions and internal disputes. When we design content for the Elder Scrolls online, then we strive to create stories, adventures and characters that go to the respective Alliance. The content for each Alliance in ESO are as diverse and dynamic as the alliances themselves – your adventure as a Argonier in the flat heart Pact will be, for example, is quite different than that of a Bosmers in the Aldmeri Dominion. If you you decide to play characters in any of the three alliances (and we hope that you will do it!), then you will have completely different content, which reflect the history, the past and the policy of the Alliance." On the official site you can find all the questions and answers.