GTA 5 appears already in spring 2013 - very early, as some experts think. Many have counted on time with a release at the start of a new generation of consoles. Developer Dan Houser explains why GTA 5 for Xbox appears 260 and PS3 and Xbox does not 720 or PS4.

Executive producer Dan Houser spoke with Famitsu about the backgrounds of the GTA 5 release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. He said the Japanese cult magazine to question why GTA 5 no game for PlayStation 4, Xbox 720, or will that Rockstar is a software company and no hardware giant. "We use the technology that is available to us. And we try never to early to set us on new systems. Just because the hardware currently so stable, we can deliver something."

Houser also talked about GTA 4, the first attempt by Rockstar to play with in the HD age. "The first part of the development at that time was quite difficult for us. Today we know what can be the hardware and it is easier to work with us." He compares the situation to the acclaimed GTA for PlayStation 2: "GTA: San Andreas was released at the end of the PS2 cycle and this was a really great game." The best games come out just at the end of the life of the console. So the best time for GTA 5 is now!"

The complete interview can read her for that have translated it from the Japanese Famitsu. Dan Houser enters therein continue gameplay features, and explains why GTA 5 in Japan could be a success.

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