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Xbox 720: "Xbox" new rumors?

Posted by james james on Friday, November 16, 2012, In : Consoles 
Today, we deliver you even the full Pack Xbox 720-rumors, which should stop just on the name "Xbox". There are supposedly 8 GB RAM and Kinect 2.0.

After there was already a whole load of PS4 rumors, draws the Xbox 720. This time the Xbox World, which has brought together some alleged info about the new console from Microsoft is the info from the current issue. Already in January 2012, the magazine revealed the plans for augmented reality, directional sound, Kinect support for four players and ...

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Xbox Live: the ten-year anniversary there to report impressive numbers

Posted by james james on Friday, November 16, 2012, In : Consoles 
Xbox Live celebrates its tenth birthday and anniversary, there are not only interesting discounts in the marketplace, there are some interesting numbers to report. Marc Whitten released an open letter to the community.

 With regard to the ten-year anniversary of Xbox Live, turned Marc Whitten in an open letter to the community and thanked her for the longstanding loyalty. But at the same time, Xbox Live users that there are now published also a number of interesting numbers, such as for exampl...
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Game consoles

Posted by james james on Thursday, September 27, 2012, In : Consoles 
Game consoles are computers or computer-like devices that are designed primarily for video games. In addition to the games, game consoles providing additional functionality (such as the playback of audio CDs and DVD-video). It is estimated that game consoles make up 25% of the world's total computer capacity of multi purpose computers in 2007.


Distinction between stationary Standgeräten be connected usually to a TV and portable game consoles with built-in monitor (see handheld cons...

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Video game console

Posted by gamer on Saturday, August 25, 2012, In : Consoles 

Video game console
A video game console is a device for playing video games. There are two main types of consoles:
Living room consoles, which connect on a screen to display the game, and to which it incidentally connected joysticks;
Portable consoles, small size, which have their own screen and are thus easily transportable and autonomous.
Video game consoles are gradually passed the State of toy for connoisseur of family multimedia center.

 Principle of operation

Atari 2600.
Since the first conso...

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