It is ten years that DICE (at that time still digital illusions CE) Battlefield 1942 brought onto the market. The online shooter should revolutionize the genre: battlefield offered vehicles, airplanes, huge maps and up to 64 players. In itself, the components were not new, in this mix, but it has not yet seen multiplayer games. Since we could overlook even the technical shortcomings: who wanted to play a round of battlefield, had to endure minute-long loading times over. It was then connected was said even on high end machines bucking and sugar - the Internet was not what it is today in the days just yet. At LAN parties, the shooter was then even more popular, as also transfer speeds were better.
Game zone now in a Let's play "Retro" special back looks up the beginning of the battlefield series. The reason: EA released Battlefield 1942 currently free through origin. Who wants to have it, can just download it. GameZone author and battlefield fan Sandro odak speaks in the commented-out gameplay video game features, the new conquest game mode and how to beat the shooter in comparison to current games. We have this extra used the term retro in quotation marks - battlefield reaches still no real Grandpa age at just ten years old.