History of video games 1947-1969
Are the most important data to the early computer and video game history from the beginning until 1969.


HPC EDSAC (from 1949), on him ran the game OXO.
The first early games were developed almost exclusively on mainframe computers or mini-computers and played mostly at universities or research institutions. Partly also analog computers were used.
The first game console, the Magnavox Odyssey by Ralph Baer was published until 1972; However, the development began in 1968.
Arcade games
Appeared from 1971. previously there was the first coin-operated slot machines with video game graphics (vector or bitmap) only (electro) mechanical arcade games and other amusement machines like Pinball.

Popular genres of the time
Due to the restricted (graphics) capabilities of hardware, as also the ongoing space research, published mainly computer-simulation games and shooter (usually with space theme in black space), as well as simple text games and mathematical games.